Pre-Playa Prep & Post-Playa Resuscitation

Treatments Specifically Created For Burners!


Extended Hours for Burning Man
(August 23rd - September 9th)

Fri/Mon: 10am - 5pm
Sat/Sun: 10am - 4pm
Tue-Thur: 12pm-5pm

Visit us at our Reno Lounge.

Appointments available outside of open hours booked in advance as available.

Delivery appointments where the nurse or nurse practitioner come directly to you are available booked in advance with additional delivery costs. When we have availability we can sometimes accommodate same day delivery as well.

Our Reno location is conveniently located 30 seconds off of Highway 80 in Northwest Reno


Special Burner Menu

Pre- Playa Prep - $160
Post- Playa Resuscitation - $240

These treatments were specially formulated to both help prepare mentally and physically for returning home to the playa, and for after when you have to recover and return to the world outside the burn.

Our entire Reno Lounge Menu will also be available.


Burner Specials

We will Reimburse your Uber/Lyft or Taxi from the Reno Airport or Reno Hotel between August 23rd and September 8th.
*Must show receipt and max ride reimbursement of $25. Minimum at least two people coming for IV Treatments.

Buy Pre-Playa Prep and Post-Playa Resuscitation together and your Post-Playa Resuscitation is half off!
$160 + $120 = $280 vs $400

Buy a round of B-12, B-Complex or Combo shots for your friends and yours is free! Minimum purchase of 3 shots and 4th is free.

Book your burner appointments in advance and receive a free gift or free add on to your treatment!


Tips on Staying Hydrated in the Desert

1. Drink at least a gallon of water a day

2. Add electrolytes to your water

3. Bring your water out with you in your bag or bike basket

4. Pre-Hydrate before drinking alcohol or using drugs

5. Eat fruits, watermelon, oranges, apples

6. Avoid caffeine drinks (coffee), this is a diuretic and you will lose fluids

7. The playa is a gifting society, never hesitate to ask another for a sip of their water!


Tips on avoiding heat exhaustion

1. Take breaks in the shade, out of the sun (wander into that shaded camp for awhile)

2. Wear hats / sunscreen / protective wear

3. Stay hydrated

4. Avoid being out in unshaded areas during the hottest time of the day


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