And “weekend warriors” too…


Nothing beats living in northern Nevada - except maybe the many sporting and athletic events available in the Reno - Lake Tahoe area year round! Home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscape in the country – with four seasons of sunshine, snow, mountains, desert, rivers and lakes - we are home to hundreds of races a year whether you like running, biking or skiing.

Come see us here at Rapid Recovery before or after your planned athletic endeavor and we’ll help optimize your hydration and energy levels so you can have your best experience possible.

Below is a brief list of upcoming races and activities coming to our area in the next few months:

Pre-Performance Prep

Come in the day before your race or athletic event to help balance electrolytes and prepare your body for optimal performance. This popular IV Hydration treatment is full of anti-inflammatories to help decrease the chance of muscle cramps along with calcium and other essential vitamins to ensure you feel great whether you’re trying to set a new personal best or just looking forward to crossing that finish line!

Rapid Recovery

A customized treatment for all those post race aches and pains as well as essential fluid replenishment. *During the race* you sweat out many essential vitamins and electrolytes, so let us help you recover and get you on to the next race as soon as possible! This treatment is filled with tons of essential nutrients, including magnesium and anti-inflammatories to help ease those cramps and aches. Sure you can recover on your own at home but why?

Altitude Ajustment

Help your body adjust to the higher elevation here locally, whether you’re staying in Reno at 4,500 ft, headed to Lake Tahoe at 6,225 ft or visiting one of our many ski resorts at 8,000 ft+. Acclimating to higher elevations can lead to dehydration and nausea, which can definitely hinder your activity level. Help ease your body through the transition by receiving this treatment, which is packed full of fluids, anti inflammatory medications, and vitamins. Oxygen therapy through a nasal cannula is also included in this package.