Spartan World Championships - September 28th & 29th

The Spartan World Championships are coming to

Squaw Valley in beautiful North Lake Tahoe

September 28th and 29th, 2019!

Athlete Specials:

  • Bring in registration confirmation for 10% off pre-race treatment 

  • Bring in finishers medal for 10% post-race treatment 

Treatment info: 

Along with proper training and nutrition, staying hydrated with the RIGHT hydration is key to success for any race. Staying hydrated is important for pre-race, during, as well as post-race for recovery. There are times when water won’t cut it, especially in times of extreme heat or altitude. To avoid the  risk of heat exhaustion, headache and impaired cognitive function, it is imperative to replenish electrolytes that are lost through sweat. Rapid Recovery’s IV treatments will help you perform better and more efficiently, as well as recover faster. 

Pre-performance prep- Come in the day before the race to help balance electrolytes and prep the body for optimal performance. Full of anti-inflammatories to help decrease the chance of muscle cramps along with calcium and other essential vitamins! 

Altitude Adjustment treatment- Help your body adjust to the high elevation of Squaw, which sits at 9,000 feet at base camp. Acclimating to higher elevations can lead to dehydration and nausea. Help ease your body and mind by receiving the altitude adjustment treatment, which is packed full of fluids, anti inflammatory medications and vitamin B12, oxygen through a nasal cannula is also included in this package. 

Rapid Recovery- For all those post race aches and pains as well as fluid replenishment. *During the race* you sweat out so many essential vitamins and electrolytes, it is time to recover so you can get back to the next race as soon as possible! This treatment is filled with all the nutrients the body needs, providing magnesium and anti-inflammatories to help ease those cramps and aches. 

Appointments are available either online or via phone at 775-737-9717. Walk-in appointments welcome!

For more information on the Spartan World Championships, click here.