Hydration on the Playa!

As a major hub of travel to and from Black Rock, Reno has many great places to stock up on good old-fashioned H2O for your trip! Hydration is essential for optimizing your time in the desert so please visit one of these recommended places and remember to drink lots of water while on the Playa!

In addition to stocking up on water before you leave, here are a couple of tips to party safely from our nurses here at Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions:

 1. Bring a reusable water bottle and sip lots of water often. 

2. Wear a sun hat and reapply sunscreen often.

3. Ensure that consumption of alcohol and/ or drugs is safely done, and combined with increased water intake.

4. Pay attention to the color of your urine. The clearer the better!

5. Know the signs of dehydration: thirst, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and increased heart rate.

6. Heat exhaustion includes: not urinating, confusion, fainting and cool clammy skin.  Seek treatment in the medical tent if you suspect you’re suffering from heat exhaustion.

Be sure to check out our “For Burners” page for additional details on our custom Pre- and Post- Playa treatments and more specials today!